Is a Podiatrist the Right Fit for my Child?

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Is a Podiatrist the Right Fit for my Child?

Children just want to run around and play all day long!
Kids playing soccer
Meanwhile, parents just want to keep them safe. As parents ourselves, we know that when your little one is in pain, so are you. Do you sometimes wonder if a podiatrist can help prevent the pain your child is experiencing?

Here at your Central City Podiatry, we care for both big and small feet alike. When it comes to your child, their comfort is our top priority!

We know that Your little buddies are extremely busy running around all throughout the day! Although we acknowledge the importance of a healthy lifestyle, as children’s bodies are still developing, it means that they are at greater risk of sustaining ankle and foot related injuries. Podiatrists are the go-to for these things, but sometimes they can also heal on their own. We want to make it easier for you to know when to call us!


Is a Podiatrist the Right Fit for my Child?

1. Flat Feet

Children feet are in the process of developing, therefore it is relatively normal for their arches to differ to that differ of a fully grown adult. As long as they aren’t experiencing pain in everyday activities, treatment is not necessary.

2. Ankle & Foot Sprains

Injuries such as these are frequently seen in very active children who play sports with the high impact such as soccer or football. Sprains occur when the ligaments associated with bones are stretched beyond what they should be. If this impacts your child’s developing bones and cartilage, it could result in growth plate fractures. HOWEVER, these often heal without too much of a problem. Still, monitor this type of injury to prevent it from recurring.

3. Severs Disease

This disease is frequently associated with children that overuse their heel bone. This ailment impacts the growth plate of the child’s foot, resulting in relentless pain underneath or at the back of the heel. If your child complains of heel pain, it’s a good idea to take them to a podiatrist for treatment to avoid limping and other enduring effects of the condition.

4. Bunions

If your child has lumps on the inside of the ball of their feet, it could be bunions. These result from increased motion of the arch region. These can result in constant pain and limit the activities and sports your child participates in. If your child has bunions, which are minimally invasive, growth plate procedures can be used to correct the condition.

5. Stress Fractures

Stress fractures and tendonitis are overuse injuries that are very common in teenagers who are highly active in sports such as gymnastics or soccer. These injuries don’t pose any risk to your child’s growth plate, but they do inflict pain and discomfort in the affected area. If left unattended, these injuries can sideline your child from his or her sports activities. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these overuse injuries by making sure your child rests his or her feet after practices and competitions.

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