Nutrition Helps You Achieve Your Summer Body Goals

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Nutrition Helps You Achieve Your Summer Body Goals

We know how you feel because we’ve been in your shoes. You’ve been thinking about this for a while, haven’t you? Well, friends, with a new year fast approaching, now is the PERFECT time to start forming healthy habits that will help you achieve your new years’ resolutions.
Nutrition Helps You Achieve Your Summer Body Goals

Forming healthy habits is not just about going on fad diets, or implementing vigorous exercise routines for short, isolated periods of time. Putting huge restrictions on what you are eating and the way you are exercising can sometimes leave you feeling emotionally unfulfilled as you strive towards an impossible goal.

Moving towards a healthy lifestyle requires commitment, consistency, accountability, goal orientation and proper information. As with any goals in life, health goals need to be SMART! What does this mean? SMART is an acronym which describes helpful criteria for actionable goals.

So, when setting your summer body goals, make sure they are

Specific: Where does your focus lie, which steps will you take, when are you starting.

Measurable: How frequently will you do this; how will you measure it as a success (ie reaching a specific percentage of body fat).

Attainable / action-oriented: How will you be modifying your behaviour? Focus on a behaviour that can be altered rather than a feeling or thought.

Realistic: Ask yourself, “is this a realistic goal?” Are there smaller steps which need to be taken before you can achieve that end goal?

Time-bound: How long will it take you to reach your goal?

Are you ready to have more energy than ever before whilst getting into the best shape of your life in 2020? Well if you’ve been having difficulty in SEEING results, then we need to talk about FOOD! Diet can have a dramatic impact on your health journey.

This is where a nutritionist can be extremely valuable in creating effective and long-lasting change in your lifestyle. They will be able to help you to set SMART goals and will help develop a tailored treatment management plan which will directly address your areas of concern. They will be happy to discuss any frustrations or answer any questions which you may have, in order to help you gain the most out of your session.

Moreover, a nutritionist can help you with understanding and implementation of

  • Awareness of environmental toxins
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Food diary & planning
  • Lifestyle knowledge
  • Mindful practice
  • Monitored fat, muscle & fluid ratio
  • Regular check-ins

Additionally, here at Central City Health Professionals our nutritionist Leonie Henderson offers a 12-week Program which combines nutrition with exercise physiology to give you a well-rounded program to help propel you towards success by providing you with actionable steps that will help you achieve your goals.

To start taking control of your life TODAY, simply contact us on 9421 1733.