Top 3 Self Massages to Try at Home

Top 3 Self Massage to Try at Home | Central City Health Perth CBD

Top 3 Self Massages to Try at Home

Top 3 Self Massages to Try at Home
We’ve all been there… You’ve had a long hard day at work, and you’ve finally managed to make it home, you just want to chill out, have a glass of wine and put the day behind you. Well before you settle down in front of the television for the evening, we recommend that you try to destress with these top 3 self-massages that you can try by yourself, in the comfort of your very own home! Say goodbye to tension and angst, replace it with self-love and positivity instead.

Did you know that massage therapy can promote better sleep, improve your immune system, decreased heart rate and blood pressure and releases endorphins and hormones?

Our massage therapist Vivian Oliviera recommends trying this simple self-massage to relieve tensions you may be experiencing in your daily life.

 Jaw Massage

With face cream, massage jaw, sides of the cheek (close to the ears) in vertical strokes. Following this, massage the temples and around the eyes using the tips of your fingers. Follow the bones around the eyes very slowly. Stop and hold where you feel a bit sore/tender, be careful not to put too much pressure on your temples whilst doing this. This simple massages helps to reduce headaches and tired eyes.

 Calve Massage

Whilst sitting down, use body cream to slowly massage your calves. Firstly, simply stroke vertically in both directions, then with a bit more pressure whilst massaging your calves as if kneading dough. Following this, perform a feel basic calve stretches, and you will realise that your legs will already feel plenty lighter! This is a perfect remedy for sore legs after a long day on your feet, or even after a run.

 Foot Massages

Using a thick body cream, lather the cream over your feet. Then, using your thumb, start massaging the ball of the foot. Next slide your thumb up and down the bottom of your foot. Follow this with some stretching, by pulling your toes towards yourself. Tip: mix a few drops of lavender oil with the cream when massaging your feet at it provides a more relaxing sensation.

We really hope that these simple self massage techniques can help you relieve some tension, however, if you feel that you can benefit more from a massage done by a professional, our experienced massage therapistsSteph and Sharon at Central City Health Professionals, would love to help you! For more information on the type of massages that we offer, simply click here, or contact us today on 9421 1733.